According to the Anglican Church in North America’s Catechism, “the Church on earth gathers in local congregations to worship in Word and Sacrament, to serve God according to the Scriptures, and to proclaim the Gospel, under the leadership of those whom God appoints for this purpose.”

The life of the Church involves a continuous action of building up and sending forth. Through worship and education, Christians are built up and then sent out into the world as witnesses to Jesus Christ. For the life of the Church to be healthy, both building up and sending out must take place.

The aim of Christian formation ministries at St. Charles is to build up disciples so that they can be effective witnesses for Christ in the world. 

Nursery & Children’s Sunday School

At St. Charles we strive to incorporate children into our parish family, while at the same time recognizing that children need their space to express themselves and to be shaped by age-appropriate Christian education.

We offer nursery care during the 10:30 am service for parents of young children; this is a great resource for parents who would like their children to be cared for during the service, although they are welcome in worship as well.

Sunday School at St. Charles provides children a time of education and spiritual formation. Starting at the age of three through 5th grade, children are invited to attend with their peers. Class time may include story time and scripture, prayer, craft, games, and finishes in time for children to join the 10:30 am service for Eucharist. 

Small Groups

There are two types of small groups at St. Charles: Bible Studies and Home Groups. Bible Studies are usually led by clergy or a lay leader, and they most often dwell on specific areas of the Holy Scriptures for focused study. These groups enjoy fellowship, discipleship, and worship. They may meet in private homes or at church or even other local venues.

The Home Groups are usually made up of a host family and, often, six to twelve others. There is fellowship and often meals, a Biblical study (that may use DVD resources), sharing and prayer time. These groups may volunteer for ad hoc ministries that arise from time to time. Both types of small groups are encouraged to practice evangelism in their environments, and this may become an accountable action during the sharing portion of the meetings.

Anyone interested in visiting or joining a small group or Bible study may contact the parish administrator, small group leaders, or any vestry member.

Prayer Ministry

It is our privilege and duty to pray for those in need especially when the situation is current, urgent, recent diagnosis, etc. Lifting the person’s name up at the altar on Sunday morning is very powerful in addition to having prayer daily by our prayer warriors. It is heartwarming to receive updates on the situation and very rewarding when we can move the request from Prayers to Praises.

Please keep us updated by contacting Leslie Brown at Lesliejbrown@Comcast.Net or Joan in the office at Email is the preferred method because Joan and Leslie keep each other up-to-date on your requests/and changes and this is the quickest way to communicate.